PEI Beaches: Here is Why PEI has Red Sand!

Have you ever wondered why PEI sand is so red? PEI dirt and sand is red due to the high iron-oxidize content, in other words, rust in the soil. Some beaches have a deeper red colour than others, depending on the levels of iron in the soil. Other beaches along the North Shore of Central PEI do not have red sand at all, but instead have white sand with rolling sand dunes. Either way, the beaches on PEI can’t be beat!

Here is a list of some popular beaches on the north and south shore of Central PEI!

Top Beaches on the South Shore:

PEI’s south shore beaches have packed, red sand and beautiful red cliffs. Before going to these beaches, be sure to check the tide. It is best to go to the beach at low tide if you want to walk on the sand and find hermit crabs and shells in the tide pools. During high tide, most of the sand will be covered in water!

Tourism PEI, Stephen Harris


Top Beaches on the North Shore:

The North Shore of PEI, also known as the Green Gables shore, has so many picture-perfect beaches with its blue water, soft sand, red cliffs, and grassy dunes. Here are a few of our favourite beaches that are on the North Shore:

*These Beaches have no facilities.

Sarah Davison Photography