Central Coastal Drive

The Central Coastal Drive is a well-loved road tripping route that circumnavigates the region and is 253 km in total. If you have the time, you might want to break up the drive into two days, so you can enjoy leisurely stops along the way. In addition to paper and digital maps that will help you navigate this beloved route, you’ll also find blue signage marked “Central Coastal Drive” along the way – keep your eyes peeled!

This scenic drive will serve up all sorts of visual treats for your eyes to feast on as you travel along the Red Sands Shore region on the south and the Green Gables Shore region on the north. From bold red cliffs jutting into the sea to sweeping stretches of white sand dunes, pastoral farmland, charming seaside villages, and more, you’re bound to be wooed by PEI’s charming vistas. Plus, of course, you’ll find all sorts to see, do, eat, and drink along the way. Pack your beach gear for this road trip, because the ocean will undoubtedly call you during this road trip.

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