Discovering the Local Art Galleries of PEI: A Creative Journey

Prince Edward Island (PEI), with its picturesque landscapes and captivating coastal beauty, holds a vibrant world of local art galleries waiting to be explored. These artistic havens showcase the island’s rich cultural heritage and provide a platform for talented artists to express themselves. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply curious about the creative wonders of PEI, the local art galleries offer a captivating space where imagination flourishes and emotions find their voice. Join us on a journey through PEI’s enchanting art scene as we unveil the treasures that lie within its charming galleries.

Green Gables Shore, located on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island, is home to several delightful art galleries. Here are a few notable galleries in the area:

  1. Avonlea Village Artisan Studios: Situated within Avonlea Village, this charming gallery showcases the works of local artisans, including painters, potters, and sculptors. Visitors can browse a diverse range of art pieces and even witness artists at work in their studios.
  2. Dunes Gallery: Nestled in Brackley Beach, the Dunes Gallery offers a unique fusion of art, nature, and culinary delights. Set in a picturesque garden, the gallery exhibits an impressive collection of fine art, ceramics, and handcrafted jewelry, providing a sensory experience like no other.
  3. Gallery 18: Located in New London, Gallery 18 specializes in fine art and antiques, showcasing both historical and contemporary works by local artists. The gallery also features an extensive collection of antique maps, prints, and books, offering a glimpse into the island’s past.
  4. The Rossignol Estate Winery Art Gallery: Situated in Little Sands, this gallery combines the love of wine and art. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings while admiring the works of local artists on display, creating a delightful sensory experience.
  5. The Studio Gallery: Found in North Rustico, The Studio Gallery showcases the stunning coastal landscapes and seascapes captured by renowned local artist Maurice Bernard. His vivid paintings beautifully depict the charm and serenity of Prince Edward Island.
  6. ONEILS PEI: Visit ONEILs Gallery & Artisan Shoppe in picturesque French River by using the convenient River Road entrance. The walls feature artworks of AWARD WINNING CANADIAN ARTIST Scott O’Neil. Pieces inspired by the everyday PEI beauty of landscapes, seascapes and life portrayals.
  7. Art Gallery of Tony Diodati: Original Acrylic Paintings, signed and numbered limited edition reproductions, in a unique style and presentation. A strong focus on PEI and Newfoundland. The gallery, once used as a Lobster Cookhouse, offers scenic views of the French River and New London Bay.
  8. Kensington Art Gallery Cooperative Ltd.: Browse our unique art gallery, a rustic freight shed, located at the historic Kensington train station property. We are twenty Island artists who display our works and take turns staffing our one-of-a-kind showcase. We offer you Island originals in a variety of painting styles, mediums and size, along with reproductions, prints, and cards. Art for everyone. 
  9. Karen Gallant Art Gallery in Rustico:Inspired by the elements and rhythm of the Island landscape, people, nature, and local stories, her art inspires an instant feeling of having captured spirits caught between worlds; ours and theirs. Working in acrylics and mixed media Gallant’s work seeks the mysterious spark at the heart of Island stories that have been passed down by generations of natural observers and tellers.
  10. Susan Christensen Art Gallery Prince Edward Island. Her distinctive style in portraying the beautiful colours of the Island landscape is gaining attention and popularity. Come by the gallery and you may have the opportunity to meet Susan as she is working on a new piece of Island art.
  11. Greg Garand Studio Gallery:Visit Greg in his studio that overlooks a panoramic view of Malpeque Bay. You will find small oil paintings along with larger landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Working mainly as a plein-air artist, he is often out painting on location and is back in his studio for the afternoon
  12. PEI Fox Den: Located in North Bedeque, a wide selection of pottery and art work!

These are just a few of the many art galleries waiting to be explored along Green Gables Shore. Each gallery offers its own unique ambiance and collection, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artistic treasures of this captivating region.

Red Sands Shore, located along the southern coast of Prince Edward Island, boasts several captivating art galleries. Here are a few notable galleries in the area:

Confederation Centre Art Gallery: Situated in Charlottetown, the Confederation Centre Art Gallery is a premier destination for art enthusiasts. This renowned gallery houses a remarkable collection of Canadian art, including paintings, sculptures, and installations, representing various styles and periods.

Island Chocolates Art Gallery: Situated in Victoria, Island Chocolates not only tempts visitors with delectable treats but also showcases local art. The gallery displays a selection of paintings, photography, and pottery, creating an enticing fusion of art and chocolate.

Studio Gallery Victoria: This artist run gallery in Victoria-By -the -Sea features original paintings by island artists Sylvia Ridgway, Maurice Bernard, P. John Burden, Karen Gallant, and pigment prints by Henry Dunsmore. Also on view, pottery by Emily Dunsmore and the etching studio of Doreen Foster with demonstrations of how etchings are made. The Gallery also offers a large selection of fine art reproductions of Island locales as well as fantasy and mythical imagery.