An Unforgettable Adventure with Raspberry Point Oysters

Are you looking for a unique and fun family activity in PEI? Raspberry Point Oysters are offering tours this year for the first time! Raspberry Point Oysters has been in business for over 25 years and grow and sell some of North America’s most popular oysters so it’s safe to say they are the experts on oysters!

Have you ever wondered what an oyster trap looks like? How are oysters harvested anyway? Did you know that it takes between 4-6 years for an oyster to grow to market size? Head to Raspberry Point Oysters to go on an immersive tour and discover the fascinating process of growing oysters! On tour, you will be able to learn all about how oysters grow and how to shuck them, and of course, you will get to eat them too!

Each tour will last approximately one hour.

Tours are $30 per adult and $10-$20 per child, depending on age.  Book your tour here!