family fishing in north rustico

Fishing, Hiking, and Beachcombing: Your Guide to Family Adventure in Central PEI!

Are you ready to experience the heart of Prince Edward Island like never before? If you’re an adventurous family looking for some excitement, here are some activities you shouldn’t miss during your trip to central PEI this summer:

Go to Rise & Climb Adventure Zone

This is a great activity for adventure lovers! Rise & Climb offers different levels of activities for a variety of ages and ability levels and has zip lines, tree climbing, and rope courses! 

Spend a day at Shining Waters and Sandspit Amusement Parks

A day at the amusement park is the perfect way to spend some family time and have some fun on roller coasters, a drop tower, and water slides.

Find Historic Lighthouses

There are still many historic lighthouses on the Island today-some of which are difficult to find. A few great lighthouses in Central Prince Edward Island are the Victoria Lighthouse, New London Light, and if you are feeling adventurous, Seacow Head Lighthouse. 


Central PEI is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada, and they’re perfect for beachcombing. Spend a day exploring the beaches and collecting shells, sea glass, and other treasures washed up on the shore.

Go on a Kayaking Tour

Outside Expeditions in North Rustico offers guided kayaking tours by local experts. See the Island from the water as you explore the coves, beaches, and red sandstone cliffs of PEI. 

Try your Hand at Deep Sea Fishing 

Take a tour with Joey’s Deep Sea Fishing and try your hand at catching a mackerel or cod fish. They now have online booking, it’s time to start planning!

Bike the Confederation Trail or walk the Island Walk

Bring your bikes and head onto the Confederation Trail. What is now the Confederation Trail used to be the train tracks that ran across the Island. Now, this biking and walking trail is a wonderful way to see the Island. Also, 2020 brought a beautiful way to see PEI, The Island Walk – discover PEI tip to tip on foot!