Green Gables Heritage Place – Special Programs

Let Parks Canada be your guide for small group after-hours programs in the Green Gables House. Whether you are captivated by Anne or want to get a little closer to the house’s finer details, they offer engaging experiences to bring you even more intimately into the world of Anne of Green Gables and of beloved author L.M. Montgomery.


Ropes Down

A slate and some small books on display at Green Gables Heritage Place.

Get up close and personal with Green Gables House! This special tour offered during private visiting hours treats participants to a barrier-free visit with an expert guide. With the ropes down, see Green Gables just as Anne would have – as a 19th century home full of interesting things to discover.

Take your time and enjoy an hour inside Green Gables House as a Parks Canada guide takes down the ropes, allowing you to immerse yourself in an up-close tour of the house. Lovingly curated with flawless attention to detail, Green Gables House is full of artifacts from the late 19th century. Collected and carefully conserved, they help bring to life the details found in the pages of L.M. Montgomery’s most famous novel, Anne of Green Gables. The more of the story you know, the more you will recognize!

At the end of your visit, enjoy a farewell gift and souvenir of your visit to Green Gables.


A Cordial Visit

An Anne Shirley impersonator with two red braids stands with her back to the camera in front of an open cupboard filled with cookware at Green Gables Heritage Place.

Be charmed with a personal experience in Green Gables with your hostess, Miss Anne (with an “E”) Shirley herself. Enjoy an intimate evening visit to the house and delight in Anne’s endearing and dramatic conversations.

Your exclusive visit begins with a Parks Canada interpreter, who will guide you into the imaginative world of Anne of Green Gables and its unforgettable heroine. With Anne’s entrance you will feel instantly lifted into another world and the house transformed into a stage for your hostess to charm and amuse you. End your experience with a taste of raspberry cordial.


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