From Sea to Shore: 6 Places to Eat Fresh off the Boat in PEI

From Sea to Shore: 6 Places to Eat Fresh off the Boat in PEI

Fishing is woven into the very fabric of many Island communities, and we pride ourselves in producing and eating food straight from the pristine waters that surround our beloved home.

Most of the time, we even know the lobster/oyster/mussel/insert-desired-seafood-here fisherman by name—or, at least, the name of his/her son’s second cousin.

So whether it’s slurping oysters straight out of Malpeque Bay or polishing off a lobster roll on a seaside wharf, we’ve got the inside scoop on which restaurants and eateries have the freshest seafood in PEI.

1. Blue Mussel Cafe

Located just off the beaten path in North Rustico Harbour, Blue Mussel Cafe prides itself in using products that are harvested, caught or raised just hours from your table. With a creative menu and commitment to providing food as fresh, local and flavourful as possible, this is one stop you’ll want to add to your list.

Local Tip: Keep in mind that it can get chilly if it’s a cold day, but you’re welcome to use a cozy blanket onsite – or grab a cocktail to warm you up!

2. Lobster Barn Pub & Eatery

When visiting Victoria-by-the-Sea, you’ll definitely want to take a break from exploring the village and chow down on something delicious. Owned and operated by twin sisters Jackie and Jenny Myers, the Lobster Barn is located on the pier and has yummy seafood paired with that relaxed vibe you can only get sitting near the water.

Local Tip: Try their lobster roll—it’s what buttery dreams are made of.

3. New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

When many people think of PEI, they think of the classic lobster suppers. New Glasgow Lobster Suppers is one of the originals, operating as a family restaurant since 1958. Start off with homemade rolls and bread, creamy seafood chowder and blue mussels, before diving into a lobster dinner with all the fixins’.

Local Tip: Save room for their incredible “mile-high” lemon meringue pie.

4. The Dunes Gallery & Cafe

The Dunes Gallery and Cafe is a treat for the senses and their restaurant serves up local food with impeccable taste. When waiting for your table, shop for local jewellery, pottery and crafts, drool over exotic home furniture, or browse their extensive gardens—all before sitting down to a scrumptious meal you’ll be dreaming about until your next visit.

Local Tip: Leave enough time to explore and snap some photos in their beautiful gardens.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers

Nestled in the scenic fishing village of North Rustico, Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers tops many bucket lists as a “go-to” place for a scrumptious lobster feed. And although lobster is often the main event, this family-friendly restaurant also features a 60-foot salad bar, all-you-can-eat mussels, and creamy seafood chowder.

Local Tip: Request a seat close to the window so you can watch the fishing boats come and go from North Rustico Harbour.

6. Island Stone Pub

What was once the historic Kensington Train Station, dating back to 1905, is now home to the Island Stone Pub. Known for their globally-inspired, locally-sourced Island cuisine, this pub makes for the perfect stop along the Confederation Trail to sip a brew and have a bite on their patio.

Local Tip: Definitely go for the Beer Battered Fish & Chips – it’s made from wild caught sustainable Maritime haddock and includes the most delicious dill pickle tartar sauce.