Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island National Park

Address: 828 Gulf Shore Pkwy E, York, PE | View on Map
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Stanhope Beach is located in PEI National Park just 23km from Charlottetown. Energetic beach walkers could walk as far as 3km in one direction, past Ross Lane Beach to Stanhope Cape or 2km in the other direction to Dalvay By the Sea. Stanhope has dunes for miles and much less traffic than Brackley or Cavendish Beaches. It’s more popular with local residents and cottage dwellers while still offering facilities and impeccable dunes like other North Shore beaches. Stanhope Beach is a protected area. This is a nesting habitat for the endangered Piping Plover so no pets are permitted. The dunes are also part of the protected landscape as PEI’s north shore loses more than 1ft of land per year to coastal erosion. Efforts to transplant and protect the marrem grasses (dune grass) are ongoing. Help the cause by staying on designated paths and boardwalks. Stanhope is a supervised beach.

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