Discover the L.M. Montgomery Literary Tour: A Journey Through the World of Anne

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of L.M. Montgomery with the L.M. Montgomery Literary Tour, a unique journey across Prince Edward Island that brings to life the beloved landscapes and stories of one of Canada’s most cherished authors. Created in collaboration with the Resort Municipality of Stanley Bridge, Hope River, Bayview, Cavendish, and North Rustico, along with various government and tourism partners, this tour offers an authentic exploration of Montgomery’s life and works.

Spanning from Eastern to Western PEI, the tour features scenic lookouts, historical sites, and museums that capture the essence of Montgomery’s inspiration for her timeless novels, including the iconic “Anne of Green Gables.” As you traverse the island, you’ll visit significant landmarks such as Green Gables Heritage Place, Silver Bush, and the Anne of Green Gables Museum, each offering a glimpse into the author’s world and the settings of her stories.


Celebrate Montgomery 150: Honouring 150 Years of Literary Legacy

In 2024, join the special celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of L.M. Montgomery’s birth. This milestone is celebrated through a series of events and activities that highlight the cultural heritage of Prince Edward Island and Montgomery’s enduring impact on literature. From readings and discussions to interactive exhibits, the Montgomery 150 events are designed to deepen your appreciation of her contributions to the literary world.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you are a lifelong fan of L.M. Montgomery or new to her work, the L.M. Montgomery Literary Tour is an enriching experience that promises to connect you with the landscapes and stories that have captured the hearts of readers for generations. For more information on the tour, upcoming events, and how to plan your visit, explore the L.M. Montgomery Literary Tour website.

Embark on this literary adventure and discover the timeless charm of L.M. Montgomery’s Prince Edward Island.