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June 29, 2019

5 Ways to Follow in the Footsteps of L.M. Montgomery

By Ellen Egan 

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND IS HOME TO THE FAMOUS AUTHOR L.M. MONTGOMERY, who wrote the books detailing the adventures of the world’s most beloved fictitious redhead, Anne of Green Gables

And whether you want to marvel over "honey-sweet fields of clover” in Park Corner, walk under the "leafy arch of maples” on Lover’s Lane, or smell the "delightful spiciness” within the Haunted Woods, there are various ways to treat your senses to the places Lucy Maud wrote about so eloquently in her books.

1. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthplace - Start your journey off in New London by touring the modest white and green Victorian house overlooking New London Harbour where Lucy Maud grew up. Special exhibits include the replica of the writer's wedding dress and personal scrapbooks containing copies of her many stories and poems.

2. Green Gables Heritage Place - Considered a national treasure, this is the home that inspired the setting of Montgomery’s novels. Walk through the rooms of the Victorian home and explore the 19th century gardens. You can even experience farm life in the barn, granary and woodshed before strolling the Haunted Woods and Balsam Hollow trails described in her books. 

3. Anne of Green Gables Museum - Explore the Campbell home that L.M. Montgomery’s fondly called the "wonder castle of my childhood.” Built on the Silver Bush property in 1872 by her Uncle John and Aunt Annie Campbell, here you can view the many artifacts and places that she wrote about, such as the Lake of Shining Waters, Anne's Enchanted Bookcase, and a unique collection of Lucy Maud’s belongings. 

4. Avonlea Village - A real-life recreation of L.M. Montgomery’s fictional town, Avonlea Village allows you to browse shops and period buildings, like the original schoolhouse Anne taught in, the Minister’s residence, and the 1872 Historic Long River Church. Recently, Avonlea also underwent a revitalization and now includes a number of small shops and restaurants.

5. Anne of Green Gables - The Musical™ - The world’s longest-running musical in the world, Anne of Green Gables - The Musical™ has been stealing the hearts of L.M. Montgomery lovers for 55 years in a row. It’s the Charlottetown Festival’s crown jewel, playing at Confederation Centre of the Arts each summer, and brings the story of the red-haired orphan and the whole Avonlea crew to life in the most captivating way.

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