Exploring Everything Offered in the Brackley – Stanhope, Tracadie Area!

We are BACK this week with yet another Cruisin Central Coastal Drive road trip itinerary and this week we are exploring everything offered in the Brackley – Stanhope, Tracadie Area!

Morning Activity – The Great Canadian Soap Co. in Brackley Beach is the perfect way to start the morning. Visit the goats and purchase your new favourite natural soaps, yoga mat sprays and more!

Snack Stop – Shirley’s Snack Bar in Brackley Beach has some of the best breaded bar clams on PEI> trust us. They are delicious and perfect as a mid- morning snack ha!

Morning Activity – The shopping should always continue! Fox PEI has some of the best local goods to take home with you. From MacAuslands Blankets to local pottery, it’s time to upgrade your home with PEI essentials.

Lunch – The Dunes Studio Gallery and Cafe is the perfect lunch location. Their delicious local salads mixed with a shopping trip post lunch can’t be matched.

Snack Stop – Brackley Bay Oyster Co. now has a location right on route 15. Learn all about the oyster industry while indulging in a few (or dozen) local oysters.

Afternoon Activity – Glenaladale Estates is a 529 acre Estate overlooking Prince Edward Island’s Tracadie Bay―an extraordinary place both alive and historic, where you can experience our past, play and learn today, and see what the future holds each time you plan your return. Glenaladale is also home to PEI’s newest 18-hold disc golf course!

Glenaladale has connections to the Island’s early people: the Mi’kmaq, Acadians, Scots, Irish, and English. As home to two extraordinary families, it’s truly a fascinating place with a long history of innovation, industry and discovery. That spirit of place remains, waiting for you to experience it. – https://glenaladalepei.com/

Dinner – FiN Folk Food & Harry’s Dairy Bar is Tracdie’s newest pair. A stunning waterview mixed with delicious local food and ice cream? Yes please!

Evening Activity – You can’t go wrong with a double (or triple if you are lucky) bill at the Brackley Drive in! Did you know you get a free pepsi with every admission? You don’t see that everyday!

Overnight – It’s hard to just spend one day in Brackley Beach and area. The oldest family run hotel in Canada, Shaw’s Hotel & Cottages is the perfect overnight experience minutes to the beach. Plus, they have amazing local music at Penzie’s Pub, their onsite restaurant! If you are more of a pool person, Millstream Cottages is the perfect place for you to enjoy a few days.