6 Must-See Island Points of View

6 Must-See Island Points of View

Be inspired by Prince Edward Island’s scenic landscapes

It’s really no surprise that Prince Edward Island is a place most photographers dream about—sometimes before they’ve even heard of this glorious place. With rich red soil, patchwork farmland, and misty ocean views around every turn, PEI is often described as a place you can only make up in your imagination.

Maybe that’s why Lucy Maud Montgomery, the celebrated author of Anne of Green Gables, was so inspired to document the place she called home all those years ago. And with any luck, we can only hope you will, too.

Here are just a handful of our favourite places to capture during your visit to PEI.

1. Perhaps one of the lesser-known stops on the Central Coastal Drive, Darnley, located just outside of Kensington on the north shore, has an understated charm that for years was known only to locals. But in recent times the “Teacup Rock”—a sandstone formation in the shape of, you guessed it, a teacup—has attracted flocks of visitors to the sandy shores of Thunder Cove Beach just to witness nature’s impressive work of art.

2. Speaking of Lucy Maud, French River is definitely worth a stop on your journey through “Anne’s Land.” It’s a quintessential fishing village, with colourful shacks lining the wharf and stretches of lush fields surrounding the opening to New London Bay. There’s even a designated look-off before entering the village, so there’s no reason not to pull over and take in its beautiful panoramic views.

3. Just minutes from French River is Cape Tryon, another stunning spot you’ll want to add to your list. Perched at the end of a dirt road at the tip of spectacular 110-foot sandstone cliffs, it truly feels like the edge of the earth. When you arrive, be sure to soak in the incredible seascape and rolling farmland that spread across the surrounding landscape.

4. For a truly authentic Island scene, make your way over to Canoe Cove on the quiet region of the south shore at low tide. Close to the headwaters of both the West and Hillsborough Rivers, it was a major landing location for the early Native settlers. Today, it epitomizes rural PEI allure, and makes the perfect place to fine-tune your focus and enjoy a walk along the tidal flats that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

5. Set against the backdrop of the Confederation Bridge, the world’s largest bridge over ice, North Carleton is an incredible spot to capture the setting sun over the sea. You might even want to set your camera’s timer and watch in awe as the tangerine sun silently slips away for another day.

6. Driving up to Victoria-by-the-Sea, you’ll truly feel like you’ve stepped onto a movie set. In fact, many film crews have taken over this charming village and it’s not hard to see why. From classic Victorian houses and quirky antique shops to active fishing boats and delicious seaside restaurants, you may just feel inspired to write the next great screenplay.