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Central Coastal PEI

Inman Park Look Off

Canoe Cove was discovered and surveyed in 1764 by Samuel Holland, Surveyor-General of North America. Holland named the cove "Allen Cove", but it was then re-named by British soldiers to "Canoe Cove" because the Mi'kmaq people (First Nation population on PEI) would take the soldiers ashore by canoe. The Canoe Cove community was established in the 19th century by mostly Scottish Presbyterians. Canoe Cove has been a popular site for camps since the 1920's, but as the number of campers and their activities grew, a more convenient site was needed. In 1986 an all-year-round facility was built at Canoe Cove beach and today still exists as an ideal place for community activities. Canoe Cove Beach lies on the central South Shore facing the Northumberland Strait and the cove itself is a natural inlet consisting of a sheltered sand flat leading into a low shore entrance. The flat cove presents itself in contrast to the high rocky red cliffs that surround it. The bed of the strait, which reaches from the cove area to Nova Scotia, is one of the shallowest and most even off the South Shore and is made up of sandy red mud.

Inman Park Look Off Open: Year round

Address: PE Rte 19, Bonshaw, PE

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